Resident security services

Resident security services

Security manpower protection service means that the security service company sends security guards to client units according to the security service contract. According to the national laws and rules and regulations of the client organizations, the security service personnel, vehicles and materials entering and leaving the designated locationss of the client units are managed safely to maintain the security order of the client units. A security business activity that protects the safety of people and property. Including security guard service, security guard service and security patrol service. It is the basic business content of a security service company. According to the different characteristics of factories, hotels, property communities, shopping malls, supermarkets and institutions, we will develop corresponding security guard service, guard service and patrol service plan, and send professional security personnel to provide guard service.


The Security Department is the companys dedicated department that manages and trains security guards. In the new situation of social development, all members of the department always adhere to the general requirements of build brands and maintain leadershipof the company, and take the principle of pay close attention to the quality of the security guardsas the starting point, and proceed with regular internal management to ensure the provision of first-class security services and ensure Continuous improvement, ensuring business satisfaction is a quality policy, taking team buildingas a breakthrough, and fully exploiting the development potential of security guards. After years of reforms in the management system, the companys leaders have developed a suitable management model. Taking the "standardized duty point" as the experimental point and the "point" as the "face", the "high standard" security service is finally achieved. More prominent are: Hangzhou Telecom Building, Bank of Communications Hangzhou Branch, Zhejiang Provincial Museum. On the basis of this, the Ministry of Security also formulated a series of emergency emergency plans in accordance with the specific conditions of Party A's units, and organized team members to conduct field exercises such as fire prevention, theft prevention, vandalism, and natural disaster prevention from time to time. This will improve the overall quality of the team members and thus provide better quality services for Party A units.


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