Intelligent security

Intelligent security

Smart Security

ZhongShi weihe is a new type of professional, standardized, scientific and modern service-oriented enterprise. We implement the concept of “Smart Security”, combine Internet technology, establish a monitoring and command center, unify the construction of standards, cover all regions, provide customers with more comprehensive modern services, receive timely and accurate customer feedback, and provide timely feedback. . Under the technical support of high-end technology, we have implemented a face recognition system and implemented a company-specific security app to fundamentally protect the rights of customers. We provide one-stop security-related one-stop services such as air defense, physical defense, technical defense, networked alarm, and unarmed escort.

Cover customers

The types of customers of Zhongshiweihe Security include government agencies, military and police agencies, financial institutions, enterprises and institutions, medical and health care, universities, industrial parks, large shopping malls, high-end residential buildings, and smart business buildings.


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